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The Viking Model GN200/360 Grate Nozzle® is designed for the protection of aircraft hangars and helipads. The Grate Nozzle® is an AFFF foam discharge device located at the floor level of an aircraft hangar or helipad in trench drains. The top of the nozzle grate must be flush or level with floor it is protecting. The Grate Nozzle® is designed to discharge foam solution in a 360° (GN200/360) radius. The Grate Nozzle® is designed to provide uniform discharge with a maximum spacing of 50’ x 25’ (15.2 m x 7.6 m). The companion Model 1120 or Model 1126 trench drain grate is specially engineered to receive the Grate Nozzle® and serve as a cover for the drain trench.

UL Listed - Guide GFUT
US DOD Acceptance
U.S. Patent number 6,182,767
U.S. Patent number 6,371,212
* UL Listing applies when using the following Chemguard Foam Concentrates:
• Viking AFFF 3%M C6
• Chemguard 1% AFFF (C1B)
• Chemguard 3% AFFF (C306-MS-C)
• Chemguard 3X3 AR-AFFF (C334-LV)
• National Foam Aer-O-Water C6 3EM AFFF
• National Foam Aer-O-Lite C6 3% AFFF

K-Factor: Model GN200/360: 23.4 (337 metric)
Recommended Discharge Pressure: 40-60 PSI
Deflector Retaining Allen Bolt: Minimum torque req’d - 45 ft. /lbs.

Material Standards:
The Model GN/200 Grate Nozzle is constructed of 316L Stainless steel.
The Model 1120 and Model 1126 trench drain grate is constructed of cast ductile iron, ASTM A536 Grade 80-55-06
(Refer to Figures 3 & 4 for illustration of Grate Nozzle in trench drain grate)