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HPCO2 Advantages

HPCO2 system have several advantages over LPCO2 systems.

Less expensive for smaller systems
Stored in US-DOT compliant High spun cylinders.
Cylinders come in 3 different sizes
Easy to install
Readily Available
Fewer Components

LPCO2 Advantages

LPCO2 system have several advantages over HPCO2 systems.

Do not require hydrostatic testing
Continuous monitoring of the liquid level and tank pressure; the liquid level gauge provides standard alarm outputs or an optional 4-20mA output(HPCO2 cylinders must be removed from service semi-annually to be weighed)
Require 40% less floor space and less floor loading than HPCO2 systems
Multi-shot capabilities without any switch over to a reserve
Hazards may be added to an existing LPCO2 system at anytime
LPCO2 Storage Units can be refilled while remaining in service; HPCO2 cylinders must be uninstalled, sent out to a refill location, and replaced
Lower material cost when systems require more than 4000 lbs (1814kg) of carbon dioxide (40 or more 100 lb (45 kg) HPCO2 cylinders)
For critical installations, dual refrigeration options are available for LPCO2 Storage Units
LPCO2 systems are 30% more efficient than HPCO2 systems at local application
LPCO2 systems have lower overall maintenance costs than HPCO2 systems